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Post by JamieAmemiya on Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:03 pm

I am currently a 4th year PhD student in the Developmental Psychology program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Research Interests:
I am interested broadly in adolescent development. I want to understand how adolescents sustain interest and engagement in school, persist through academic and social challenges, and, for adolescents involved in criminal activity, how they successfully desist from crime.

Statistical Experience:
I have experience with regression, multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, longitudinal data analysis (e.g., growth curve modeling, cross-lagged panel analysis).

Software Experience:
I mostly use SPSS and MPlus. I have extensive experience in using SPSS to clean and prepare complex data for analysis (e.g., data that includes student-, classroom-, and school-level variables); I am happy to provide guidance for people who are new to this.

Methodological Interests:
There are few topics that I am uninterested in learning more about. However, high on my interest list are designing a daily diary study/analyzing daily diary data, growth curve modeling with multiple trajectories, and multilevel SEM.

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