[Minutes & Presentation] Fall 2016 Meeting # 5 - 10/04/16 - Latent Growth Curve Models Example

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[Minutes & Presentation] Fall 2016 Meeting # 5 - 10/04/16 - Latent Growth Curve Models Example

Post by JamieAmemiya on Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:40 pm

Today the group drew a latent growth curve model to reflect the research question: 
How does parental education relate to trajectories of academic skills over 4 years (trait-level academic skills, as well as linear growth)?

One issue that we discussed today was how to place the intercept at the mid-point of a trajectory in which there is not an observation at this point. We discussed how you would scale the linear growth factor to make the 0-point fall in the middle of the line.

We also discussed that parental education, although substantively a "predictor" of academic skills, is also a time-invariant covariate. 

Attached here is the full description of today's example, as well as the solution and further explanation.

We also had Rosalind present some interesting latent growth curve analyses! She presented a parallel process model in which she was interested in examining trajectories of anxiety and depression post-anxiety treatment simultaneously. Moreover, she examined how maternal warmth was associated with the latent growth factors, controlling for the time-invariant covariate, gender.
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