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Factor Analysis Data Presentation.pdf602 KbDocuments5View
McDonald_Ho_2002_Reporting_SEM.pdf438 KbDocuments5View
2007 MediationAnalysis-MacKinnon.pdf191 KbDocuments0View
2009 Beyond Baron and Kenny - Statistical Mediation analysis in the new millennium.pdf111 KbDocuments1View
-Cole_Maxwell_2003.pdf309 KbDocuments0View
Modeling within-person change over time.pdf1.37 MbDocuments10View
Hoffman Chapter 3.pdf1.48 MbDocuments2View
MLM - How To - Part1 - HLM and STATA.pdf1.13 MbDocuments10View
MLM - How To - Part 2 - R and MPLUS.pdf1.25 MbDocuments6View
sample data.txt22 KbDocuments1View
Hallquist & Wright, 2014 (JPA - Mixture Models).pdf514 KbDocuments1View
Wright & Hallquist, 2014 (JPA - Mixture Models Longitudinal).pdf620 KbDocuments0View
SpellmanGilbertCorker_OpenScience_Apr2017.pdf512 KbDocuments0View
CAMEL OS.pdf991 KbDocuments0View
2013 Cumming - The New Statistics - Why and How - clean.pdf891 KbDocuments0View
The new statistics CW.pdf2.6 MbDocuments0View
HamakerKuiperGrasman.pdf431 KbDocuments2View
StatPrac_Syllabus_Fall 2017.docx19 KbDocuments3View

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